10 Things To Check Before Your Car’s MOT Test !!


After a series of changes introduced in might 2018, Mechanically the MOT test has never been so difficult. in step with the new strict rules, defects are classified in step with their danger and larger importance has been given to emissions from diesel cars.

For this reason, MOT emission test failures have doubled, so you should go to the Automotive Testing Center, where there are about 745,000 cars with failed emissions, compared to 350,000 during the same period in 2017. Diesel cars recorded a strong increase in the percentage.

• DOUBLE technical inspection failures in emission testing since the introduction of stricter standards.

According to the Driving and car Standards Agency (DVSA), about 50% of defects detected in control cars can be avoided by performing periodic maintenance to check some key elements before testing.

The analysis reveals that nearly 40% of cars fail the first time, which costs drivers time and money. We cannot guarantee that these simple steps will lead to approval, but should reduce the risk of technical control failure.

10.Lights :


This is obvious, but many drivers forget to check the headlights before testing MOT. In fact, 30% of defects found during the MOT test relate to lighting and signals.

Be sure to check all headlights, side lights, taillights, hazard warning lights and indicators, and make sure the brake lights are included in the inspection. You can ask a friend to step on the brake pedal or to retract on a reflective surface. Make sure that the high-level brake light is working properly.

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