2020 Zenvo TSR-S preserved the wild rear spoiler and added carbon edges


It is one of the cars that should have debuted at the canceled 2020 Geneva Motor Show, an updated version of Zenvo TSR-S. The Danish Hypercar, a road version of the pure TSR, was launched a few years ago and will be upgraded in 2020. Today the first appears online, the latest edition of the two-compressor machine (yes, it has two compressors), taking advantage of the company’s latest developments in carbon fiber.

2020 Zenvo TSR S 1

The previous TSR-S alloy wheels were removed to make way for a carbon fiber replacement, which saved about 15 kg (33 pounds) per set. It takes a lot of work to make a single bike, because according to Zenvo, it takes about two weeks for two technicians. Customers can optionally get the shiny new shoes in a colored hue or keep the visible look.

The body now also contains some visible carbon fiber sections for Zenvo’s focus on building a lightweight. However, you can ask the company to paint the panels. The so-called “centripedal” spoiler still attracts attention and is more eye-catching when the car is on the track, as it is automatically set to enter the driver’s direction to generate as much downforce as possible.

2020 Zenvo TSR S 2

To freshen up, the TSR-S has a flat-level 5.8-liter V8 twin-compressor engine that delivers 1,177 horsepower and transfers to the wheels via a sequential gearbox with dog-leg pattern. If you’re not a fan of shifting like drivers do, there is also a road mode where the driver can shift gears with the aluminum shift gear on the steering wheel. What’s new for 2020 is what Zenvo calls the “hybrid module” for the transmission, “which allows for an increase in performance, further traction control and even the addition of an eighth forward with the electric rear-drive motor.”

When it comes to performance, Zenvo TSR-S lives up to its hypercar status as it takes just 2.8 seconds to reach 100 mph and can reach 0 to 200 mph. Sprint in 6.8 seconds before accelerating with an electronically controlled 325 mph.

2020 Zenvo TSR S 3

You don’t see much on the street, because the small company only makes five cars per year for €1.45 million ($1.63M) per inhabitant.

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