541 Chrome Lexus LFA miles on sale for over $ 1m


At the end of December 2012, Lexus had built 500 units of the LFA super sports car. This process started in 2010 with a production schedule of 20 cars per month. With this number, and with specific assignments around the world, 150 for the United States, the LFA is a fairly special Toyota, praised above all for its overall performance.

Chrome Lexus LFA 1

More than seven years have passed and we have used LFA units for sale from various dealers. One of these is this chrome example from Germany, which is sold at the current exchange rate for 880,000 euros or around 954,000 US dollars.

The above price, which is listed on Mobile.de, does not include 19 percent VAT, which increases the price to 1,049,600 euros or around $ 1,136,000.

Chrome Lexus LFA 3

What is special about this Lexus LFA? In addition to its special chrome packaging, which, by the way, is quite questionable, as it can damage a person’s eyes in extreme sunlight, this LFA was only driven 870 kilometers. Still, the entire package looks relatively new based on photos. The red-accented cabin looks cool too, but it’s no surprise when you consider that you hardly ever drive.

Is this price worth it? It is up to you. If the LFA is in shiny chrome and looking for one of the low miles, this might be the only one you’ll find in the world. Some used LFA units are also available from some used car dealers in the U.S. But there are only a few within this distance covered.

Chrome Lexus LFA 4

Or, you can always buy a new unit that has dropped to just four units since our last US count. USA Just find someone who wraps it in chrome if that’s your thing.

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