A new electric car with a range of 1000 km per charge !!


New electric car as a result of German-Chinese cooperation.

At the Shanghai International Fair, Gampert IWS introduced a new breakthrough in automotive technology, unveiling a methanol fuel cell test car.

electric car

The company announced that they are ready to begin commercial production of methanol fuel cell technology, which works without liquid hydrogen.

It comes with a 70 kW backup battery.The system’s power with the 70-liter fuel tank reaches 210 kW, which allows the car to travel 1000 km before it needs to be refueled, and is filled with methanol fuel in just three minutes. Of course a creative solution to the phenomenon of anxiety of vacuum battery.

“I wanted to make a new electric car that had no problems with the distance traveled,” said Roland Gambert, CEO of Gampert Eyways.

The new invention was the result of a joint cooperation between Gampert and China ‘s IWEZ, as explained by Anders Korsgaard, director of BlueWorld’ s technology company Gampert IWS. Working with partners who have a vision like Gampert IWAs are shaping the future of the transport sector. ”

“With Roland Gambert’s long experience in automotive development, and the strength of EWAYS in production, we have the ingredients to develop a successful and innovative technology,” he added.

electric car 1

Fu Qiang, president and founder of IWEZ, appears to be fully convinced that this new technology “will put an end to the concern about how far electric vehicles travel in a single charge”.

The company announced that it will deliver the three cars ordered to owners in the summer of next year 2020, and the car will be named (Natalie) first version.

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