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AMG gives up V12 engines in its cars !!

AMG is a V12 engine that has a prominent place in the hearts of the fans with speed and execution, and mastered the 6-liter with a twin-turbocharger. This engine generates a density of 621 hp and about 1000 Nm. Anyway, pay a little respect for these numbers, will not remain open for long.

This unfortunate news of auto sweethearts began in an interview with Tobias Muir an authentic AMG official. “In the end, the 12-barrel engine will stop, which has frustrated AMG’s various fans,” he said.


“To get the best models in the size of our vehicles, we will take another course,” Muir said. “More ground AMGs are needed to get a 4 – liter V8 with a twin – turbocharger and some progress in gracious to get a total vitality of 800 hp or more.

The V12 AMG is used so far as a piece of the S65 and its convertibility, the SL65 and the G65, but when the Mercedes SL is redesigned in the general population to come, the V12 engine will not be used for the S65.

For the G65, the assembly has not announced another era yet, so we believe that the use of V12 engines in these dangerous vehicles until the history of the new era long after now! The V12 engine will not stop completely on Mercedes Stamp, so AMG will continue to assemble brands such as Maybach cars, which Moyer attests: “We will continue to manufacture engines for other sub-brands”

The fact of the matter is that the news may be hopeless, dear peruser, that the eminent AMG brand will succumb exceptionally among the different engines accessible today, but on any occasion the engine will never fade, and you will see it in the expensive excess cars of the Maybach!

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