Aston Martin DB11 V8 Shadow Edition debuts limited 2021


The 503 horsepower V8 is intact.
The Aston Martin DB11 has arrived for the 2017 model to replace the old DB9. Quickly to date, and the British marquee has announced a new limited edition package for the sports car called the Shadow Edition. It is now available to order worldwide, but Aston is limiting production to just 300 examples, so act quickly if you wish. However, those looking for improvements in style and power should look elsewhere. This package only adds dark visual enhancements, leaving the V8 intact.

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Such updates include glossy black hood blades, 20-inch glossy black directional alloy wheels, exclusive black Shadow Edition window sills and shiny chrome wings and crests for writing. Inside, there is a sports steering wheel wrapped in pure black Alcantara and black obsidian leather. An optional package includes bright black features in the dinner greenhouse, replacing the body color panels with black panels.

The package is available in the DB11 V8 Coupé or in the DB11 V8 Convertible steering wheel. While many of the dark features of the DB11 V8 Shadow Edition are fixed, the buyer will have the opportunity to customize the model, including six exterior colors and different colors available for the brake calipers.

The engine of the DB11 V8 Shadow Edition is the 4.0-liter byturbo Aston Martin V8. It produces 503 horsepower (375 kW) and 513 pounds (696 Newton-meters) of torque. It is combined with the eight-speed automatic transmission mounted in the middle of Aston.

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The Aston Martin DB11 V8 Shadow Edition 2021 is now available for purchase from retailers. It has an initial price of $ 222,600 in the United States. Aston doesn’t say when customers should expect to receive their DB11 Shadow Edition.

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