Aston Martin Rapid E 2020 fully electric car productivity first !!

The Aston Martin Rapide E 2020 has officially appeared at the Shanghai International Motor Show 2019.

Rapid E 2020 is the first full electric car to be produced by Aston Martin, the first car to be built at the modern Aston Martin plant in San Ethan, Electric.

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Before talking about the Aston Martin Rapid I 2020 production, we would like to remind you that the British manufacturer has already revealed a test version of it in 2015, paving the way for the production of this car non-CO2 emissions.

The production of Rapid E, the first electric model from Aston Martin, will be limited to only 155 copies.

This limited capacity electric car was developed in collaboration with advanced engineering company Williams, allowing for the optimization of aerodynamic performance for the Aston Martin Rapid E, Which played an important role in reducing air flow through the chassis and improving the efficiency of aerodynamics, this increasing the distance can be interrupted from the car.

The car’s undercarriage has been redesigned so that air flows from the front air stream to the new and larger rear air diffuser, a feature that has now been fully customized for higher air efficiency after the previous exhaust system has been removed, Pirelli Bezero, aluminum alloy wheels have been redesigned to provide more efficiency. Thanks to these changes, Rapid E’s flow improved by 8% compared to the previous internal combustion model.

The Aston Martin Rapid E 2020 is mechanically powered by an 800 volt electric system installed in a dedicated carbon fiber and Kevlar gearbox with a 65 kilowatt electric capacity with a lithium-ion battery of more than 5600 cylindrical 18650 cells. The dedicated battery system is in place for the original 6.0-liter V12 engine, gearbox and fuel tank. The battery system will supply the two rear-end power generators with a power of 610 hp and a torque of 950 Newton meters.

The speed of the Rapid E ​​electric car can be more than 200 miles (320 km) using a standard 400 volt and 50 kW charging port. The 800-volt battery system allows for fast charging when using an 800 volts outlet offering 100 KW or more. To enhance the on-the-fly charging function, the car is equipped with a high-power AC charger, which can recharge the battery in less than 3 hours.

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This electric car accelerates from 0 to 96 km / h (60 miles / h) in 4 seconds, and the maximum speed of the Aston Martin Rapid is 250 km / h (155 miles / h).

We introduced you to this news on the first electric car produced by Aston Martin.

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