Audi Q5 2020 is available with a new mechanically updated version !!

We will inform you of the latest version of the Audi Q5 2020, this new car named Audi Q5 55 TFSI E Quattro 2020.

We’re talking about a new, technically sophisticated SUV, which is powered by a hybrid system that keeps pace with the future of the automobile industry, which is geared towards producing hybrid cars and electric cars.

Audi Q5 1 1

Available official information indicates that the 55 TFSI E Quattro Audi Q5 2020 is automatically based on the PHEV version, a hybrid component system, which combines the operation of a gasoline engine with an electric motor powered by an electrical outlet.

The mechanical specifications of the Audi Q5 55 TFSI E Quattro include: a 2-liter TFSI petrol engine producing 248 horsepower and 370 Nm of torque, an electric motor generating 141 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque, and a power length of 362 horsepower (367 hp) and 500 Nm of Torque.

The Audi Q5 2020 is equipped with a 7-speed automatic S-Tronic. The Audi Q5 55 TFSI E Quattro can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds at a top speed of 239 km / h.

Since we are talking about a hybrid car where the electric motor gets power from a 14.1 kW battery under the rear trunk, the battery is fully charged within two and a half hours with a 400-volt charger. The same process takes 6 hours if a 220-volt charger is used, and the electric motor in this version of the Audi Q5 2020 can travel for more than 40 km using electric power only without the intervention of the gasoline engine, in which case the car can not drive more than 135 km / hour.

Audi Q5 2

Among the features of this mechanically advanced version are the exterior S Line, a single front frame, LED headlights, 18-inch tires and a Type 2 charging socket, which makes it easy to charge in public.

The price of the original Audi Q5 2020 hybrid in Germany starts at 67,474 $.

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