BMW boasts the world’s darkest black car color on the 2020 X6 !!


The Bavarian automaker was proud to present the world’s darkest black car on a special version of the all-new BMW X6 2020 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

bmw x6 1

We are talking about a car called the BMW X6 Vantablack, which carries an exterior paint showing the darkest black color obtained by the car so far in history, the Bavarian company launches a completely new color on its stand at the exhibition.

bmw x6 3

Now let’s go deeper into the dark paint that the new X6 got, this VBx2 exterior paint that covered all parts of the body except the lamps and grille, and this black color is very dark with up to 99.96% of the absorption of visible light. It makes BMW the darkest black car in the world so far after the human eye sees this car as a 3D stereo you see in 2D technology, which makes the headlights and taillights look prominent and exotic.

bmw x6 4

Since the exterior paint owned by the BMW X6 Vantablak almost does not reflect light looks flat vehicle design, which makes the features of the body is not clear, and BMW may use this test paint on future cars when you test in secret on public roads before Reveal them as a kind of camouflage, as this paint hides the designs of the structure from the eye pale in a clever way.

bmw x6 2

The Bavarian company currently has no plan to offer the world’s darkest black car on the all-new third generation BMW X6 2020.

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