Bugatti Chiron hits again and records the fastest speed in the world !!


Bugatti Chiron Sport has a special modified version that records a fantastic speed on the Era Leysin track in Germany.

bugatti chiron sport

Though it has repeatedly stated that it is not interested in setting speed records at the moment, and that it is still waiting to find the right tire type for super speeds, Bugatti took a special version of the Chiron Sport to Germany in an attempt to snatch Title of the fastest car in the world on the circuit (Era Lysine).

The car reached a speed of 423 km / h, exceeding the officially announced maximum speed, which is electronically set at 420 km / h.
However, Bugatti soon returned to the world speed record of 304,773 mph (490,484 km / h) with driver Andy Wallace, a new record set by the German Technical Inspection Institute (TÜV). This means that this new record has been officially approved.

And of course, as the video and photos show, dear reader, this is not an ordinary Bugatti Chiron. Bugatti cooperated with Dalara, a car chassis expert and a famous tire manufacturer, Michelin, to create a modified version of the supercar that can break. The 300 mile / h (482.8 km / h) barrier.

Watch Bugatti Chiron’s new video:

Bugatti has been developing this specially built car to break the world speed record six months ago, and the end result is amazing as we see it today! The length of the car has been increased by 25 cm compared to the regular Bugatti Chiron Sport, and the car looks more fierce thanks to modifications to the body, especially from the rear.

We note the absence of the rear wing and the air brakes in the rear, where they were removed to make room for the installation of a fixed piece in the rear To facilitate the passage of air as much as possible.

One noteworthy modification is the modified exhaust system with a pair of twin vertical pipes. Engineers decided to change the exhaust to reduce the impact of emissions on aerodynamics by making the exhaust toss emissions away from the air stream behind the car.

As with the Shenodichi, the car has an 8-liter W16 engine with four turbochargers generating 1,578 horsepower connected to a full-wheel drive system and a seven-speed automatic gearbox (Ricardo).

bugatti chiron sport 1

For now, dear reader, this car is the only one of its kind in the world where no other version has been made with the same specifications, and if we ignore the fact that it is not a productive car in technical terms, this car Chiron Sport is the fastest car in the world – superior to the Agera RS and other The fastest cars we knew before, and now we’ll be waiting for a response from Koenigsegg or Hennessy!

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