Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Speedster


In the event that you want the wind to blow your face at 250 mph.
Bugatti recently admitted that the era of clay models is now over because digital models are more accurate, cheaper and faster to produce. The French car manufacturer has been using virtual reality technologies since 2016 when it began developing further variants of the Chiron. One can assume that this will continue to be the case in the future. We can only hope that the exotic automaker will be inspired by independent designers who create wild projects based on existing Bugatti supercars.

bugatti chiron pur sport speedster

Take this virtual drawing for example. It comes from the Carlifestyle Facebook page and shows a Speedster version of the recently launched Chiron Pur Sport. In our eyes it looks stunning and with its open configuration gives the finishing touch to exclusivity. The only thing we would change are the two side mirrors, which would likely look better with a little reduction.

We can only imagine how a particularly limited production of the “regular” Chiron Pur Sport with only 16 copies for a Velocter version of the new super sports car, each with a price of 3.2 million EUR without VAT or 3.55 million USD to offer is Current Exchange Rates. Unfortunately, we doubt that Bugatti has plans to bring something similar to this rendering into production, but we are betting that more limited edition chirons will come.

bugatti chiron pur sport speedster 2

Obviously, the Chiron Pur Sport Coupé is what comes closest to this rendering. Bugatti has not confirmed whether all 16 planned samples are pre-ordered, but if you really want one, it is a smart move to act quickly.

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