Bugatti Divo The Most Expensive superCars 2019 !!


Although Bugatti is owned by the German Volkswagen Group, it is a French company, and to show the famous Bugatti, Bugatti Divo, the most expensive 2019, will participate in the Paris Motor Show 2018.

For those who do not remember, Bugatti Divo, the newest Bugatti, appeared at Pebble Beach in the United States before August.

bugatti divo

The Bugatti Divo features more attacking details than the original Chiron and offers a great deal of aerodynamics. The external changes provided by Divo include a larger front grille, a Bugatti horseracing design, and a supercar with a front cover. On sharp lines and distinctive touches, and this exclusive vehicle has been produced on front-end lamps in a futuristic design.

The Bugatti Divo has been fitted with tires with blue touches that match the blue lines of the chassis.

Bugatti Divo 2

From the rear, the Divo has a huge rear wing and distinctive design lamps with four exhaust outlets in the center of the design square surrounded by a fierce air dispersion.

There is no mechanical difference between the Bugatti Chiron and Bugatti Divo. Both cars are powered by an 8-liter W16 engine with four turbochargers generating 1479 hp (1500 hp PS) and 1600 Newton meters of torque, Interlock, but the speed of the Bugatti Divo 380 km / s is electronically limited, instead of the 420 km / h that Chiron can access.

Bugatti Divo 3

To improve the performance of the latest Bugatti cars on the turns received 90 kg of lower strength, and was modified suspension systems, and reduce the weight of the car by 35 kg compared with the basic Bugatti Chiron.

The price of Bugatti Divo starts at 5.8 million $ , and only 40 copies of the model will be sold.

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