Cadillac CTS-V Championship Edition Limited Edition !!

Cadillac Middle East has announced the launch of 25 new Championship models on the Cadillac CTS-V in the Middle East.

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Championship Edition sees the unprecedented Cadillac race for stability with the 2017 IMSA (Manufacturers, Drivers, Teams and Stamina) Championship, winning the title in the first year of the brand’s long evacuation. The Cadillac CTS-V Championship Edition will be available to Cadillac customers in the Middle East, who welcome the premium features of first-class driving.

The new narrow discharge indicates that intermittent life is incorporated into rigging sets as a component of exterior and interior features including tints, seats and decorations that give the driving foundation an extra sense of undisputed fun.

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The Championship Edition is available in both Black Raven or Crystal White with 3D Cadillac V-Performance schemes on the hood and rear wing. In addition, this specific model includes a red obsession for side mirrors, Dpi-VR chassis on four-fold windows, Brembo® red brake forceps, clean V-Series metal wheels and secured silver midnight pockets. Among the general variant of the Cadillac CTS-V are Morello Red details, including Ferrari Recaro red-seat seats, front and rear red arms, and carbon fiber cleaned inside Morillo. Other internal features join the Performance Data Logger through the Cosworth Toolbox, the roof top, and reflect the rear view of the driving and Cadillac customer experience on the front lines.

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