Dig into how Bugatti Chiron turns into chiron Pur Sport


Since top speed is no longer his top priority, Bugatti has optimized its hypercars for the entire route and not just for the straights.

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It started with the Chiron Sport and then continued with the Divo from Chiron. The highlight was the Chiron Pur Sport, which Bugatti unveiled in March and which is considered the most extreme hyper car to date.

According to Stefan Ellrott, the development manager at Bugatti, the modifications to the Chiron are numerous and lead to a car that drives very differently, which you will feel immediately if you drive cars one after the other.

It starts with the chassis, which has carbon fiber stabilizers at both ends and a negative slope of more than 2.5 degrees, which necessitated the need for new suspension seals, stiffer springs, and increased hardness to connect the bearings from the spring struts to the body . The result is a much more precise sense of direction.

The aerodynamics have also been modified to increase downforce, with a large fixed rear spoiler and an additional longer diffuser. Interestingly, another important mod in this department is the wheel pattern. Engineers developed an optional blade design that allows air to be drawn from the wheel arches at high speeds and directed through the wheel, increasing downforce. The lightweight wheel design also helps save 35 pounds of weight, or almost a third of Pur Sport’s total weight saving of 110 pounds over the Chiron.

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Tires also play an important role in increasing dexterity on the Pur Sport track. Bugatti worked closely with Michelin to develop a special Sport Cup 2 R tire that measures 285 / 30R20 in the front and 255 / 25R21 in the rear. It has a newly developed tire structure and a softer rubber compound that is optimized for the chassis, which leads to a ten percent higher lateral acceleration.

Due to the softer tires, increased negative camber and increased downforce, the engineers had to limit the top speed of the Pur Sport to 217 mph under the 261 mph of the Chiron.

Engineers also worked on the powertrain to take advantage of the lighter, stiffer chassis. The transmission comes from the famous 8-liter W-16 turbocharger, which still provides a peak output of 1,480 hp. However, the engine at Pur Sport achieves its maximum output between 6,700 and 6,900 rpm or 200 rpm more than Chiron.

The 7-speed dual clutch transmission has also been optimized. Engineers shorten each gear to improve relationships by 15 percent. This means that the Pur Sport drives at 62 mph in just 2.3 seconds and at 124 mph in 5.9 seconds, compared to 2.4 seconds and 6.1 seconds for the Chiron. The changes also make Pur Sport 2 seconds faster than Chiron when it accelerates from 37 to 75 mph.

Finally, the engineers developed a new Sport driving mode to complement Chiron’s EB, freeway and driving modes. In this new mode, the electronic stability control intervenes much later than normal, allowing better gliding and thus control of long drifts. According to Bugatti, there is enough scope for the drivers to simply control the Pur Sport with the accelerator pedal.

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The Pur Sport Track Test has not yet been completed. The development team signed the tests on the Bilster Berg race track in Germany in May and will shortly be driving to the nearby Nürburgring for the next lap. Production is slated to begin in the second half of the year and only 60 units will be built, priced at $ 3,599,000 each.

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