Do you think you will need a lawyer after a car accident?


Appointing a lawyer after a car accident is a very important decision. You have the right to speak to a lawyer before talking to an insurance company, but you also have the right to fight the insurance company yourself. Make an informed choice. Think about this trick that insurance companies use against injured people who do not employ lawyers.

Insurers are profit-oriented companies. Their goal is to make money, not make friends, and insurance companies don’t make money when they pay you. They will do everything to avoid paying your money. While an insurance company representative claims to be your friend, remember the simple truth: insurance companies want you to pay as little as possible so they can keep more money to themselves. Some insurance claims representatives may even get a higher payout if they pay you less.

lawyer after a car accident

Most people are not prepared for the tricks car insurance plays to avoid paying a reasonable amount for car accident injuries. The insurance industry in the United States is rich: the industry has assets and revenues of trillions of dollars that exceed $ 30 billion a year. The CEOs earn more than in other industries. Insurers did not get rich by paying money to injured people; They got rich by keeping the money.

Chances are that you have or have ever had a car accident. According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than two million people are injured in car accidents every year. On this page, we describe some common tricks that auto insurance uses when the insured is causing an accident.

Refuse your car accident claim
Imagine delivering to your employer on Peachtree Street here in Atlanta when a truck suddenly caused a collision that nearly knocked you over. This happened to Ethel Adams, who had a $ 2 million policy with a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance in Seattle, Washington. She nearly died and sustained life-changing injuries that left her in a wheelchair. When he finally woke up from a coma, he discovered that his insurance company turned down his claim because the incident was not an accident but an intentional act.

In fact, the rejection of claims within the company was systematic. Farmers Insurance actively rewarded adapters with low payment terms with an incentive program that includes gift cards and pizza parties. In other words, Farmers Insurance, which offers advertising that masquerades as your friend, gave gift certificates and pizza parties to insurance specialists who paid low-paying injured people.

In other cases, the insurance company can deny that it has an accident and then hide the evidence. In a recent case, the truck that hit our customers (the pedestrian) was from a car dealership, which means that the car insurance company had to cover the injuries of our customers. However, the insurance company refused to provide insurance coverage, claimed that the truck was already sold at the time of the accident, and then refused to provide us with sales details or other evidence about the time of the sale.

The lesson to us is clear: The purpose of an insurance company is not to pay you money, but to keep the money.

Claim that you have fewer car insurance policies than you actually have
Don’t take the word from an insurance agent if they tell you that an accident is not covered. Insurance can be complicated and insurers often pretend “there is no insurance” if there is one. A good personal injury attorney can help solve legal problems.

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