Due to stricter crash test regulations in Australia, the Nissan GT-R will be phased out

The GT-R (R35) has been around for approximately 14 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Nissan upgrades its supercar practically every year with a slew of special versions in order to keep Godzilla relevant in the face of far more powerful rivals. A new T-Spec, for example, comes with a range of cosmetic tweaks as well as brake air ducts derived from the all-conquering Nismo model.

The T-Spec signals the end of the GT-path R’s in Australia, as Nissan will no longer be permitted to sell the car as of November 1, 2021. Why? On November 1, 2017, harsher side impact crash test requirements (ADR 85) became effective for vehicles that were on the market prior to that date. The GT-R, which debuted in Australia in April 2009, is a perfect fit for our project.

2021 Due to stricter crash test regulations in Australia the Nissan GT R will be phased out 1

Surely few (who can afford it) will really miss it, considering that only 19 cars were sold in the first eight months of the year. By October 31, when the high-performance coupe is recalled from the Australian market after 12 years, total sales of the R35 are projected to top 1,000 cars. It had an original sticker for AUD 155,800, or the same as an M3, and cost a third of a Lamborghini Gallardo, according to Australian Drive Magazine.

Fast forward to 2021, starting at A $ 193,800 and rising to A $ 378,000 for the premium Nismo. Given the drop in sales and the aging of the platform, it’s no surprise that Nissan isn’t upgrading the GT-R to pass upcoming side impact test regulations.

2021 Due to stricter crash test regulations in Australia the Nissan GT R will be phased out 2

‘Due to the introduction of the unique Australia Post Side Impact Design Rules, the Nissan GT-R will no longer be imported into Australia from October 31, 2021. (ADR 85). Please note that this regulation does not apply to models that have previously been released in other markets.’

It’s worth noting that the GT-R isn’t the only car in Australia to face the same fate; numerous Lexus models, including the CT small sedan (which is still available), will be phased out in late October.

50 combined special editions of the T-Spec and Nismo are believed to have been reserved for the local market, with details expected to be announced in the coming weeks. The GT-R (R35) will run outside of Australia for an indefinite period of time, with rumors saying it could last until 2024 and receive a light hybrid drive, as well as a final edition of more than 700 horsepower.

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