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F Pace SVR is a new rocket with Jaguar’s English muscles !!

From the top peaks of the mountains of southern France comes our first experience of a new rocket from the Jaguar English company, the high-performance Jaguar F Pace SVR 2020.

But at the outset we would like to remind you, our dear ones, that our model is the Jaguar F Pace, which is considered a Jaguar SUV.

Let’s now focus on the Jaguar F Pace SVR, a high-performance F-Pace class, which will be deployed in a simple but powerful sense “a new high-altitude missile with English muscles.”

Initially the F Pace SVR was characterized by its exterior hood with a ventilated hood, a larger front fascia, and a good front and rear bumpers. The focus was on providing the car with a large number of ventilation openings and additives that The amount of aerodynamics in this car included a reduction in altitude compared with the basic model.

Jaguar’s SVO worked on the design and construction of the F Pace SVR, reducing its weight to about 2,700 kg, and got 21-inch or 22-inch tires surrounded by the Birli B-Zero wheels.

Mechanical Specifications :

The Jaguar F Pace SVR is powered by a 5-liter V8 engine with a 542 hp and 680 Newton-meter torque that connects with an 8-speed automatic ZF to accelerate the performance of the high-performance SUV from 0 to 100 km / O in 4.3 seconds, with a maximum speed of 283 km / h electronically defined.

The price of the Jaguar F Pace SVR 2020 starts at 111,650 $ .

This British car competes with both the Porsche Makan Turbo, the BMW X4 M, the Alfa Romeo Steelview, the Quadri Folio, the Mercedes GLC 63 AMG.

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