Ferrari reveals its feeling while making hybrid supercars !!


Today we got official statements from the Italian company Ferrari specializing in the manufacture of dream cars very fast, to reveal to us the feeling of workers to build, develop and production of Ferrari cars made super hybrid cars !!!

2020 ferrarai

First of all, we would like to remind you that so far there are only two cars running on a hybrid system that combines the work of a gasoline engine with an electric motor at Ferrari:

As you know, the strict European laws on the proportion of carbon dioxide emissions from cars forces most car manufacturers to move towards the provision of hybrid technology or convert their vehicles to fully electric cars, hence the decisions of most car companies to move towards making even super hybrid cars.

Despite the tremendous success of the Ferrari coupé and coupe, which led the Italian manufacturer to unveil the new S90 Stradal, the dream car company recently talked about its feeling of making super hybrid cars.

2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Michael Leiters, head of technology at Ferrari, recently told AutoCar about the problems they face while building Ferrari hybrid cars.

The biggest of these difficulties is the excess weight, which is the biggest dilemma in the process of making supercars. As you know fast cars are characterized by light weight, this factor affects the performance of the car tremendously, but the process of making hybrid supercars increases this weight because the car has more than one engine besides The weight of the batteries, and no matter how much the company tries to reduce the weight of the car operating this technology will remain higher than Ferrari cars that rely only on the gasoline engine, causing Ferrari to feel “pain” as described by Michael Leiters, but the solution was to push the car higher effort to issue engines Higher capable of acceleration In comparison, the carbon fiber was used more intensively in these cars.

Another difficulty for Ferrari to make hybrid supercars is the agility due to weight as well, which was solved by relatively short wheelbase length, namely the Ferrari SF90 Stradal whose electric motors are charged by a socket, and the torque steering system has been improved. To get the same feeling of driving the Ferrari cars is customary.

2020 ferrari f8 spider 2

“The development of the Ferrari SF90 Stradal has not been easy. It has met a tremendous effort from the company to overcome the obstacles encountered with this technology.”

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