Ferrari Stallone Concept is the great Ferrari Edition


Ferrari likes to keep its future plans close to the jacket. We know the next “thoroughbred” transition, some hybrid options, even a fully electric car (probably in 2025), that’s all. However, predicting the future of Ferrari is not easy. Designer Murray Sharp also believes that he found a spiritual successor worthy of his beloved LaFerrari. We generally agree with that.

Ferrari Stallone 1

The impressive hypercar display, nicknamed Ferrari Stallone (stallion in Italian), maintains Ferrari’s core values ​​of passion and speed with its design. All details can be found on the artist page Behance. Of course, it also bears the legendary color Rosso Corsa. Murray Sharp sees this car as a spiritual successor to LaFerrari.

Ferrari Stallone 2

On closer inspection, there are some telltale signs that link this concept to LaFerrari, and they need to be replaced. The low, sharp angle of the bonnet and the two large ventilation slots underneath are the most obvious signs of the legendary Hypercar. The side slits, the striking profile and even the taillights with their unique horizontal element also look like futuristic arches for LaFerrari. And there is also a hybrid V12 that is supported by KERS. However, there are some elements that are not direct descendants of the Ferrari hybrid.

The 5-spoke steering wheels look crisp, the entire body, especially the front panel and rear apron, are used with carbon fiber, and split exhaust tips protrude from the engine compartment. At LaFerrari, the four tailpipes are lower on the bumper. Still, the look of this concept is an impressive view of what it could be. And like any good Ferrari, it has a heart.

Ferrari Stallone 3

“I used more than 12 different design programs. And during this project, great programs like Alias, Photoshop, Vray and Aftereffects were learned from scratch.”

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