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Ferrari won the world’s most powerful brand award for the second time

Are you looking for an investment opportunity in 2020? Here’s a good idea: an investment in Ferrari has just been chosen as the premium sports car manufacturer in Italy as the strongest brand in the world by Brand Finance, one of the leading independent agencies for strategic advice and brand valuation. The latest annual report by the organization gives the Dancing Horse a score of 94.1 out of 100 based on the Brand Strength Index (BSI). Overall, only 12 brands across all industries achieved the highest AAA + and Ferrari ranks best of all.

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David, CEO of Brand Finance, said: “Ferrari is admired and pursued around the world. The power of the premium brand reflects this.” But it is also imperative that the company’s management remains behind the brand’s future wheel by exclusively monitoring licenses production.

Ferrari won the award for the second time in a row after winning 94.8/100 points in 2019, leaving brands such as Lego, Disney, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. Last year, the super sports car manufacturer’s brand value increased 9 percent to $ 9.1 billion due to positive sales and the brand’s overall strength.

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Ferrari previously announced five new models in 2019, including SF90 Stradale and Ferrari Roma, both of which target new market segments aimed at boosting the company’s growth in 2020. Meanwhile, the company also signed a manufacturing contract with Giorgio Armani Group to support Push de Ferrari collections selling shirts, sunglasses and bears.

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