Find out the price of the most expensive Mustang in history so far !!


Today, dear followers, we will inform you about the price that sold the most expensive Mustang in history so far, as it is the most expensive American muscle car sold at an auction !!! And we’re definitely talking about a premium version of the American Mustang muscle car.

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We’re talking about the 1968 Ford Mustang GT, a co-star in the Bullitt movie, and this American car was sold on January 10 from the MECOM auction for a fortune of 3.4 million $, which made it get the title of the most expensive Mustang car in history until right Now .

The Ford Mustang, which co-starred with the Bollett movie, pulled the most expensive title for the Mustang model from the 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake, which was sold last year at the same public auction for 2.2 million $.

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And the shock was that the opening of the auction for the sale of the 1968 Ford Mustang GT, the movie star of the Bullying Chase, was for 3,500 $ !!! It is a very low price, but it depends on what the owner of the car, Mr. Sean Kiernan, requested from the auction organizers. This price was chosen given that this car was sold the previous two times for this simple price before it became now the most expensive Mustang in history after its price exceeded One million USD during one minute of bidding.

This old Mustang car game starring in the Bullett movie airports with the late superstar Steve McQueen on the streets of San Francisco, USA.

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Note: Dussenberg SSJ 1935 is still the most expensive American car in history, earning a fortune of 22 million $.

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