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Ford GT-2019 lightweight carbon !!

Ford announced last week that it will increase the amount of production of the second generation Ford GT Limited due to high orders, today we will introduce you the modified Ford GT 2019, which appeared hours ago within the events of the Sima cars currently modified in the city of Las Vegas.

ford gt 2019 carbon series 02

This version of the Ford GT-2019 features an exterior chassis and carbon fiber tires, resulting in a weight loss of 18 kg which positively reflects the performance of this sports car.

The second generation Ford GT is the lightest car of its kind. For maximum weight, Ford used titanium to manufacture tire bolts and exhaust outlets.

ford gt 2019 carbon series 06

This version of the Ford GT-2019, which participated in the merger, to give up many accessories for weight loss, which included: cup holders, parking spaces in the driver’s seat, here we make sure that this car is made to meet the demand of speed enthusiasts on the racetrack Race, it can be used on a daily basis. Still equipped with air conditioning, radio and Sync 3 entertainment and information system.

For more sporting touches, the carbon version of the Ford GT-2019 has white panels and distinctive buttons, and is equipped with steering wheels and different wheel seats for trim and color.

According to our sources, Ford will produce a limited number of this carbon release, and will begin receiving orders for customers under strict conditions on November 8.

ford gt 2019 carbon series 01

As you know, the second generation Ford GT powered by the 3.5-liter V-6 Equubost V6 with a twin turbocharger generates 647 hp and 746 Nm of torque. Connected to the seven-speed DCT, the supercars are 347.6 km / h (216 mph).

We don’t have details about the price of this carbon version, but the price will be much higher than the basic price of the Ford GT-2019 starting from 397,500 USD.

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