Ford Mustang Cobra Electric 1400 HP

The factory’s new Ford Mustang has a powerful job.

The new prototype of the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 not only wins hearts and fans in drag strips across the country, but is also the first all-electric dragster to leave the lines in Dearborn, Michigan.

Ford Mustang Cobra Electric 1400 HP

The electric motors are providing a new level of performance, and the all-electric Cobra Gate 1400 is an example of how to push new technologies to the limit, Ford’s global manager said in a statement.

According to Ford, the all-electric dragster will generate 1,400 horsepower and 1,100 foot-pounds of torque and “flatten” the quarter mile in the low 8-second range at more than 170 mph. Ford did not offer specifications for the Cobra Jet 1400, but said the prototype would debut at an upcoming drag race event later this year.

Ford Mustang Cobra Electric 1400 HP 2

According to Ford, providers such as MLe Racecars, Watson Engineering, AEM EV and Cascadia have contributed to the prototype.

We have seen that Cobra Jet 1400 is the best opportunity to develop electric motors in the range of racing cars that we had a lot of experience with, so we had the performance standards that we now want to meet and exceed. Mark Rashbrook, global director of Ford Performance Motorsports, said in a statement.

Ford Mustang Cobra Electric 1400 HP 3

Last year Chevy’s eCOPO Camaro was approaching 9 in his career and his performance potential was never really exhausted. This time, Ford is using the Cobra Jet 1400 to whet the appetite for the next Mach-E crossover, and maybe more.

Stay tuned.

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