Have you ever heard of a Toyota modification of the German company AC Schnitzer !!

As all car enthusiasts know, the German company AC Schnitzer is modifying BMW cars and some of the Mini cars as the brand is owned by BMW as well. Japanese Toyota !!!

Toyota supra 1

But the situation is very different with the partnership between BMW and Toyota and the result of my car; Toyota Supra 2020, and BMW Z4 2019, let us know today dear to the Toyota modification of the company AC Schnitzer It is definitely the GR Supra 2020.

For further clarification, before talking about the modifications, both the BMW Z4 M40i and the Toyota GR Supra share the same engine and chassis, which is why AC Schnitzer modified one of the Toyota 2020 cars.

Toyota supra 2

Without any modifications, the Toyota Supra GR relies on a 3-liter 6-cylinder linear engine with turbocharged 335 hp (340 hp PS) and 500 Nm of torque, but the numbers certainly rose in the first Toyota Modified AC Schnitzer to become 394 hp (400 hp European PS) and 600 Nm. Of torque.

The increase in performance figures may be normal, but the AC Schnitzer has provided the revised Toyota Supra 2020 with a 36-month warranty.Doubtedly, increased power and torque numbers will positively impact the revised vehicle acceleration numbers and will undoubtedly increase its top speed.

The German modification package also includes acoustic modifications by providing a sporty silencer, and customers can order the car with circle or carbon steel exhaust exits.

The height of the first Toyota Modified AC Schnitzer was reduced by 25 mm (one inch), and the GR Supra obtained suspension springs that lowered the vehicle’s height.

Toyota supra 3

The modified car runs on 20-inch tires available in two options, and has a matte black exterior finish, and is equipped with a large rear wing and a hood with vents.

We have no official information available to reveal the price of this modified Japanese car from AC Schnitzer.

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