It took two years to create a Bugatti Divo lady bug


With a production limited to 40 copies, the Bugatti Divo worth $ 5.8 million should stand out at every car and café event. However, this wasn’t specific enough for a client commissioning a custom divo called “Lady Bug”. Bugatti said in a press release that it took two years to develop the unique super sports car.

Bugatti Divo lady bug 1

Bugatti was approached by the customer shortly after Divo was unveiled in August 2018 with a request for a geometric pattern in a contrasting color. The automaker’s design department went to work creating not only the pattern but also custom colors, specifically “Customer Special Red” and “Graphite”.

The design features painted diamonds, which was surprisingly difficult to do. While the paint design took a few months, Bugatti said it took a year and a half to get it right in the car.

Part of the problem was translating the two-dimensional CAD drawings onto the three-dimensional surface of the body, which required numerous adjustments to the roughly 1,600 diamonds that make up the design, Bugatti said. To make these adjustments possible, the designers first printed each diamond onto the transfer sheet, but this still had to be accurately applied to the car as if it were a full-size model kit.

Bugatti Divo lady bug 2

After the project was completed, the transfer film was applied to the customer’s car, which, according to Bugatti, included a test and several days of testing. The car was then painted, after which the transfer film was removed and the final model revealed.

Bugatti stated that the Divo is “made for curves”. He uses the Chiron’s W-16 with four 8.0-liter turbochargers that deliver 1,480 horsepower and reach a speed of 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Those numbers are in line with the Chiron, but the Divo is also 77 pounds lighter and has 198 pounds more downforce, making it more capable on one track. Il Divo also visited the Nürburgring, although Bugatti never recorded a lap time.

Shipments of the Divo began in August 2020, two years after it was unveiled, but the first cars didn’t arrive in the US until January of this year.

Bugatti Divo lady bug 3

Since the introduction of the Divo, Bugatti has released more limited editions, including two other models that focus on the racetrack: the Chiron Pur Sport and the Bolide. Perhaps a buyer of one of these supercars needs another unique paint job.

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