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Mansory adjusts Rolls-Royce Phantom 2019 to increase its prestige !!

Today we will talk about the luxury car of Rolls-Royce Phantom modified by Mansory.

External modifications introduced by Mansory included parts made of new high-quality materials. The new generation of Rolls-Royce Phantom 2019 has received new front and rear shock absorbers, and additional LED lights under the headlights, in size, adding a mixed identity to this luxury car.

mansory rolls royce phantom

Mansory added an exterior exterior color adjustment to the 2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom, including platform and front grille colors with matching edges as well as the rear with twin exhaust.

Mansory Rolls Royce Phantom 4

Mansory’s modification package lowered the 2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom’s height from the ground and included greater shock absorption for the English car.

mansory rolls royce phantom 2

Mansory did not forget to provide special touches to the Rolls-Royce Phantom interior, to provide the company with a different suit of the most luxurious leather with diamonds and other additions to distinguish this modified car.

What our team did not expect and did Mansory is to adjust the performance of the heart of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, bringing the power output of a 6.75-liter engine with a pair of turbochargers 602 hp (610 hp PS) and 950 Newton meters of torque , Instead of 563 hp (571 hp European PS) and 900 Newton meters of torque available standard in this luxury car.

Mansory Rolls Royce Phantom1

Our team has no official information on the cost of this modification package offered by Mansory on the new Phantom, but we know that the base price of the Rolls-Royce Phantom 2019 will start from 530,900 USD.

Mansory Rolls Royce Phantom Bushukan 5

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