Mazzanti is crowdfunding for future hypercars


Mazzanti has become, from Italy’s strongest manufacturer of strongest production car, to crowdfunding to raise funds for the development of its future hypercars.

mazzanti turns to crowdfunding for future hypercars

Based near the famous city of Pisa, the company launched a campaign last week on Crowd Fund Me, the Italian crowdfunding website, and is targeting € 300,000 in exchange for a 7 percent stake.

The funds collected will support the company’s development plans through 2025. About 40 percent will be used to fund the production of additional cars, while the remaining 60 percent will be used to fund R&D and advertising.

I am proud to announce that Mazzanti Automobili srl is the first hypercar manufacturer to launch a growing innovative project through alternative financing,” said Mazzanti CEO.

mazzanti turns to crowdfunding for future hypercars 2

Mazzanti records its 2016 financial statements on the campaign page. They show that in 2019 the company generated a turnover of 1,053,225 euros, which resulted in an after-tax profit of 321,290 euros. That was a significant profit jump of 107,051 euros in 2018.

The company has managed to build 15 Evantras since the car was first unveiled in 2013, and plans to increase production speed to around five cars per year.

mazzanti turns to crowdfunding for future hypercars 3

Evantra is a medium engine hybrid car with a chrome molybdenum chrome body and an aluminum or carbon fiber body (customer can choose). There are currently three versions of the car, the most powerful of which is the Evantra Millecavalli, which has a 7.2-liter V-8 with two turbochargers and an output of 1,000 hp.

Mazzanti is not currently operating in the United States, but the company has entered into “ongoing agreements” that must begin here. Unfortunately, a word was not mentioned in time.

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