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Mercedes-Benz car manufacturer starts production of Mercedes AMG GT R Pro !!

The Mercedes-Benz car factory officially announces the launch of the Mercedes AMG GT R Pro 2020.

At first, we have to remind you that Mercedes AMG GT R Pro 2020 was first introduced worldwide before the end of 2018 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.


AMG GT R Pro 2020, which has entered the production line of a Mercedes-Benz factory, mechanically adopts a 4-liter V-8 engine with a twin turbocharger that generates 577 hp (585 hp PS) and 699 Newton meters of torque.

This high performance sports car accelerates from 0 to 96 km / h (60 mph) in 3.5 seconds, and its top speed is 318 km / h.

The AMG GT R Pro has a special specification that makes it a suitable vehicle to break into the racetrack by providing racing techniques: GT3 GT3 and GT4 GT4. It has many parts made of carbon fiber, and offers the greatest aerodynamics with increased stability and durability.

A list of current sports cars produced at the Mercedes Benz factory and available in Coupe and Roadster versions:

  • Mercedes AMG GT
  • Mercedes AMG GT S
  • Mercedes AMG GT C
  • Mercedes AMG GT R, has unveiled its latest detection version that needs some time before it will soon join Mercedes factory production lines.

It is worth mentioning that the Mercedes-Benz plant in the German city of Sindelfingen, where AMG GT R Pro cars are currently being produced, and all the AMG GT cars we mentioned earlier also testify to the production of the following cars:

  • Mercedes AMG GT 4 Door Coupe
  • Mercedes S Class
  • Mercedes E Class
  • Mercedes CLS
  • Mercedes Maybach
  • Mercedes GLA

This Mercedes car factory will also see the production of fully electric Mercedes cars coming.

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