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Mercedes EQB 2021 overlooks us in its first spy photos !!


We got the first set of spy photos of the all-new Mercedes EQB 2021, and from the name of the car, you may have learned that we are talking about a new sister coming to the EQC 2020.

For the first time, we know the production of a fully electric crossover from the German Mercedes-Benz company, which is likely to appear in 2020 as a car model for 2021.

To be clearer, we are talking about the upcoming full electric version of the Mercedes GLB 2020, a crossover with 3 rows of passenger seats to carry 7 people on board that we knew you last June, before we meet recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a copy GLB 35 AMG 2020.

The Mercedes EQB is expected to join the family of the new EQ division at Mercedes-Benz, which specializes in the production of fully electric vehicles.The EQB will be a crossover less than its sister EQC 2020, and will be followed by the smaller Mercedes EQA.

The upcoming Mercedes EQB 2021 will be based on a lithium-ion battery in categories ranging from 60 to 110 kilowatts, and is supposed to exceed a distance of up to 400 km (248 miles) per electric charge.

Mechanically, the next EQB will be based on three electric motors from which these options will be released from performance figures:

  • Power 201 hp (204 hp PS).
  • Power 268 hp (272 hp European PS).
  • Power 335 hp (340 hp European PS).

The upcoming Mercedes EQB 2021 will surely represent the electric crossover category with 7 passenger seats on board.

As soon as we have official and reliable information about this new Mercedes 2021 we will provide you immediately.

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