Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series is considered the best modern classic supercar


In 2013 Mercedes launched the SLS AMG Black Series, costing 230,000 pounds, more than 60,000 pounds than the standard SLS AMG. And thanks to the crazy world of supercar auctions and rare car values, this margin seems like a bargain.

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series 1

Example: This near new SLG AMG Black series will go up for auction at Gooding & Company in Pebble Beach priced at $ 450,000 to $ 550,000. This is a high-level estimate of £ 420,000, a significant increase in five short years.

In his opinion, this particular example is a 600-mile miner or a 600-mile waste of a fabulous and wild driver’s car, which could be the culmination of AMG’s success to date. We would be wrong about the latter. But is anyone rich enough to spend around half a million dollars on chassis number 147, which like 29 other American cars glows yellow in the sunlight and is brave enough to drive it?

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series 2

When you hear the naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 revving up to 8,000 rpm for the first time, hopefully you will ignore the odometer. The SLS Black took the fast but rebellious SLS and used GT3 racing know-how to turn this massive gull clown shoe into an avid street racer. The revised internal engine parts increased performance and reduced torque for a fast speed response, while a carbon fiber and titanium diet helped save 70kg of useful weight. AMG claimed 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 196 mph. You still need the ultimate AMG GT R today to get an honest and well-managed SLS Black.

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series 3

Only 132 SLS blacks were imported into the USA, which makes it a pretty rare animal. Its status as one of AMG’s most extreme creations and its latest model for normal search consolidate its status as a modern classic with values ​​that fit the stratosphere. Lot 63 will go under the hammer on August 24 at Pebble Beach and will take less than a month to pick up the redheads. Just promise to drive it, please?

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