Michael Fux ordered Hispano-Suiza carmen in a very special color


Michael Fux, CEO of the mattress company Comfort Revolution, is ready to add a new supercar to his lineup.

Fux is famous for showcasing cars in bold, custom colors, and even has a signature fuchsia hue originally developed by McLaren for a 720S it bought in 2017. McLaren decided to give it its name. to color, mark it fux fuchsia.

Michael Fux ordered Hispano Suiza carmen in a very special color 1

A few years later, Fux ordered a Rolls-Royce Dawn in the eye-catching color and has now selected it again for the order for an electric Carmen super sports car from the newly launched Spanish brand Hispano-Suiza. The car has color in its body and in various elements of the interior, including the carpet.

Hispano-Suiza has posted computer Created photos of Fuchsia Carmen on social media highlighting the level of customization available for the car. The company says two examples of the 1,000-horsepower machine won’t be the same.

Michael Fux ordered Hispano Suiza carmen in a very special color 2

The Carmen was unveiled in 2019, and earlier this year spawned a more powerful, racetrack-facing variant that Carmen Boulogne (commissioned by Fux). Both have a carbon fiber construction for the body and the middle monocoque as well as an 80-kilowatt-hour battery, which should offer a range of around 200 miles.

Hispano-Suiza plans to build a total of 14 Carmen and five Carmen Boulognes. Prices start at 1.5 million euros (about $ 1.71 million US) and the first example is not expected to ship until 2022.

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