Scientific study: Most customers want to buy better fuel-efficient cars is not cheap cars !!

Three-quarters of owners of SUV and pickups say they want a less fuel-efficient car the next time they buy a car, and nearly 90% of adults say car companies should cut gasoline consumption in the cars they produce.

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The study by the US Consumer Reports released this week included 1,078 people asking what their priorities were when buying a new or used car.

Fuel consumption was a top priority for most people surveyed when asked about areas in which car companies could improve.

According to the study, 37% of respondents said that the benefits of reducing fuel consumption are important, 26% answered the cost of maintenance, while 23% responded that the purchase price of the car is important.

Drivers with large fuel-efficient vehicles were more interested in reducing consumption, with 53% of respondents who own cars with an average consumption of 11.76 liters / 100 km or more saying that reducing gasoline consumption would be important.

Scientific study

Reducing gasoline consumption from 9.41 to 5.88 liters / 100 km by 2025 is a worthwhile goal, 4/5 of the respondents said.

The results contradict the laws proposed by the administration of President Donald Trump aimed at keeping fuel consumption rates unchanged until 2025, in a move seen by observers as a reversal of legislation passed during the era of former President Obama, which was aimed at making Less fuel-efficient vehicles with annual improvements in consumption.

“Consumers should have fuel-efficient options for all types of vehicles,” said Shannon Baker-Branstetter, who serves as director of the Automotive and Environmental Policy division of the Consumer Reports Foundation.

“Progress has already been made in fuel-reduction technologies and their applications in high-performance vehicles and SUVs. The results of this study should make it clear to automakers and regulators that SUV and pickup owners want to reduce fuel consumption,” he said. They do not want to step back from efforts in this area ”

Dear reader, it seems that the reduction of fuel consumption is the subject of agreement of all participants of the study from all political orientations, where 88% of respondents agreed that car companies should reduce fuel consumption in all types of cars and different categories, and two thirds of respondents said that federal legislators – In America – to continue to enact laws that force companies to reduce consumption.

More than 60% of respondents said they would be willing to pay more for an economy car if they were to recoup the increase by reducing their fuel consumption.

Finally, the reader pointed out that the institution that prepared the study and published the results of the organization, “Global Consumer Reports” (CR), is an American non-profit organization specializing in research and studies on the types of products available in the market and concerned with consumer rights and provide them with advice, and enjoy It has a distinguished position in the world with a high level of credibility in the relevant circles, while its establishment dates back to 1936.

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