Netflix and YouTube will soon be available on the Tesla electric entertainment systems !!


Who wants to watch Netflix and YouTube while you’re in your car on the roads packed with traffic jams ???

Above all, we can not deny that even with the latest advanced systems that help the driver to drive, watching the videos on the entertainment and information systems for the driver is more dangerous stages of the use of smart phones, which cause a daily occurrence of a large number of traffic accidents around the world, God has guided us and you evil events.

tesla 3

According to the new statement published by Ayalon Masc on his official account on Twitter, it seems that watching Netflix programs on YouTube will become possible within the Tesla electric cars.

The Tesla 3, Tesla S and Tesla X models will receive updates to support the playback of Netflix and YouTube videos within a cinematic experience in a fully electric car and with the support of a surround sound system. Passengers in the car If the driver is busy watching with the passengers, the solution is with Tesla, which allows the operation of the videos only in the position of the corner of the car only.

tesla 2

The update that we are talking about in this news, which enables passengers of Tesla cars to watch Netflix and YouTube videos to watch their favorite programs in the event of waiting for anyone or any date in their new cars, makes us wonder if the Tesla big screen will fit with watching Films and programs, knowing that the American manufacturer has confirmed that he will not replace the screen of entertainment system and information to become horizontal design rather than vertical shape for this new addition.

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