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New Canadian car seeks to challenge Ferrari and Lamborghini !!

Today we will talk about a new Canadian car that seeks to challenge the Ferrari and Italian Lamborghini supercar.

We are talking about this news about a car called Felino CB7R that was beginning to prepare for in 2014 with the version of the circuits CB7, so Canada can now enter the world of super sports cars, and the Felino company was established by Canadian racing driver Antoine Bessette, targeting cars of his company with experienced customers A fan of motorsport.

A new Canadian car carried a distinctive exterior design that seems to be derived from supercar designs with bulging lines and very nervous lines and large bronze colored rims, the doors of Felino CB7R open up, and its very distinctive rear design includes lights with an oblique F letter design with a curved glass roof and two exhaust vents in the middle.

This sports car has 15.3-inch brake discs with 6 presses at the front, and 14.8-inch brake discs with 4 presses at the back.

And this new fast car got many parts made of carbon fiber, which contributed to reducing its weight to 1,135 kg !!! This is a very low figure, as it will positively reflect on the car’s performance and response, and the weight distribution comes in 50% at the front and 50% at the back.

Mechanical specifications for a new Canadian car:
This super-sporty 6.2-liter V8 LS3 adopts natural breathing, delivering 525 hp and 659 Nm of torque, to acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, and the top speed in the electronically defined Felino CB7R is 323.4 km / h. (201 mph).

And if these numbers do not satisfy you, there are another engines available on this new sports car, the 7-liter V8 LS7 from 700 hp and 786 Nm. Of torque, so the car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, and its speed is The maximum is 344.6 km / h (214 mph).

Only 10 copies of Felino CB7R will be produced, the price of one car ranges between 360 thousand USD, up to 660 thousand USD.

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