New information about alternative Lamborghini aventador that paints future cars speed !!

Lamborghini Aventador entered the LP 700-4 version of the Italian manufacturer’s production lines in February 2011, and in December 2016 the updated version of the Lamborghini Aventador S with the symbol LP 740-4, Last summer, the most powerful version of SVG was released.

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The Italian company Lamborghini has already confirmed that it will support its supercharged V12 and V10 engines with natural breathing with electric motors. Here is a clear indication of the replacement car for Avantador and an updated Lamborghini Huracan car.

Before we talk about the latest information related to a hybrid supercar coming from Lamborghini to be an aventador hiberd we would like to remind you that we have already tried the following cars:

  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Lamborghini Avantador S
  • Lamborghini Adventador SVJ

According to the latest version of Autocar, the replacement version of the aventador will be loaded with the LB48H code and is due to be launched in 2020. God willing, this information was obtained through a special event that Lamborghini organized for its clients in June.

181221130500 Lam

Road and Track also published other information indicating that the potential price of the LB48H could start from 3 million $, a shocking figure compared to the price of all Lamborghini Aventador cars manufactured so far. “This upcoming supercar will feature a highly advanced futuristic technology that will paint the next Lamborghini, ensuring that it has an exterior structure that combines carbon fiber and new composite materials.”

Lamborghini’s president also announced that the upcoming hybrid car to be an alternative to the Aventador would be 150 to 200 kg higher than the current Aventador cars, and this increase in weight due to the addition of electric motors and battery certainly.

181221130615 Lam1

Some unofficial rumors have suggested that the power of the LB48H, which will be based on a V12 engine with electric switches, will reach 838 hp.

The world of hybrid cars will reach the category of supercar already. Ferrari has confirmed its plan to make all its hybrids come, and Lamborghini will agree with this plan as well.

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