Nissan defends the long GT-R life cycle


It’s almost a requirement that every item related to the Nissan GT-R mentions its age. This is because the production version of this car was presented at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2007. It was launched for model year 2009 and has only received two minor updates in the past decade. Fortunately, it was an amazing performance machine when it hit the market, and on that front, it’s still impressive in 2020. But why has Nissan not become the next Godzilla in the face of increasing competition from super sports cars? Level?

Nissan defends the long GT R life cycle 1

A promotional report is trying, among other things, to answer this question. The dealer had the opportunity to speak in depth with the chief Nissan product specialist, Hiroshi Tamura, who visited him in Japan last year. Anyone familiar with the Nissan Tamura-san performance as a suitable enthusiast for the GT-R will offer insight into future models that can include anything from conventional combustion to hybrids and full models. Electrician.

None of this has apparently happened yet, according to this report, Nissan’s lack of development of the GT-R depends on affordability. At least according to Tamura-san, it should be a major component of Nissan to keep the GT-R price relatively affordable. By not making major changes to the car for a decade, Godzilla appears to have been prevented from becoming the Unobtanium piece for fans of $ 200,000.

There is only one problem with this logic: it has become a $ 200,000 supercar, at least on Nismo. We also don’t choose the more expensive model, since the base price of the GT-R tag of $ 113,540 isn’t exactly economical either. Also, the power increased over the years from 480 hp (358 kw) to 566 hp (422 kw), and Nismo developed up to 600 hp (447 kW).

Nissan defends the long GT R life cycle 2

However, the bones are still a decade old. The interior and exterior design is mostly a decade old. Our recent Nismo road test found that it could reach 60 miles an hour in 2.9 seconds, a performance almost the same as the Nismo at a base price of the new Porsche 911 Turbo S, regardless of the much cheaper 2020 Corvette.

Perhaps the best theory about the age of the GT-R is that Nissan simply cannot do anything new. The financial problems of the auto industry are currently known. Earlier this year, the company closed all operations in the United States. The United States only two days to save some money. Given the additional fees imposed by the epidemic, it is difficult to determine the shape of the GT-R. Otherwise, it is unclear to what extent Nissan will withstand the current financial storm as a company. But at least for the time being, the good soldiers of the GT-R continue.

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