one of pagani zonda goes to the auction


No Pagani is a production car, but some models have lower production, even by the standards of the Italian automaker. And one of these special Paganis is about to be auctioned.

pagani zonda 1

RM Sotheby’s announced that its next auction in Abu Dhabi will include a Zonda Aether 2019, of which Pagani produced exactly one example.

The ether is not only extremely rare, but also extremely special. The Aether is based on the Zonda Roadster and has a completely exposed carbon fiber body with red accents. It also has a massive roof shovel, although it has no roof.

pagani zonda 2

The performance is provided by a 7.3-liter Mercedes-AMG V-12, which is designed for 760 hp. And unlike more modern hypercars, the Aether’s 12-cylinder engine is connected to a 6-speed manual transmission.

It has other unique features from Asther are black wheels, a rear diffuser and a huge black rear spoiler with red accents to match the body of the car. Inside, you’ll find a green Zonda R start button and bracelets instead of weight-door knobs, and a bunch of screens that look like a bunch of high-quality watches. Also notice the Aether speedometer 400 km / h, which indicates the performance of the mid-size V-12 engine.

pagani zonda 3

Paganis are rarely sold out, let alone special models like Aether, and RM Sotheby’s Zonda is appreciated. The auction house predicts that Al-Athir will receive up to $ 5.5 million at the auction on November 30th.

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