President Biden asked Dibs to be one of the first to drive an electric Corvette


You may have heard great news from the Washington D.C. auto industry heard. Recently. On August 5, President Biden announced the goal of electrifying half of all new car sales in the United States by 2030. However, his “deal” on the Chevrolet Corvette could have been lost.

President Biden asked Dibs to be one of the first to drive an electric Corvette

In fact, we got lost too. A tweet from The Hill captured the start of Biden’s White House speech, which was attended by senior executives from Ford, General Motors and Stellantis. This included GM CEO Mary Barra, with whom Biden said he had an agreement to power an electrified C8.

‘I have a guarantee from Mary that if they develop the first electric Corvette, I will be able to drive it,’ he said specifically. He kept repeating, ‘To get the point across,’ ‘Do you believe I’m joking? I’m not making this up.’

We know Biden is kind of a car. Before taking an impromptu ride in a new F-150 Lightning, I talked about the Corvette C8, maybe I was missing out on the car’s electric future. He has a great affection for the Corvette, also because he is the original owner of a 1967 Stingray with a four-speed manual transmission and a 327 cubic inch (5.3 liter) V8 engine. Towards the end of his second term as Vice President in 2016, he played with the ‘Vettes in Jay Leno’s garage and eventually competed against former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who had a 2015 Corvette tied up. at the ‘Peaks’.

As for the electrified future of motorsport in America, Biden’s no-obligation executive order covers all forms of vehicle electrification, including hybrid and all-electric models. As a result, we’re not sure if his contract with Barra is for a C8 hybrid like the Zora or an all-electric Corvette that might or might not make it to the current generation.

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