Production specification RG Nathalie is a fast, self-loading super sports car

In 2018, Roland Gumpert, the former Audi Motorsport Director, introduced his pioneering Nathalie, a super sports car that combines the clean energy of electric cars and the comfort of fuel cells. Her performance figures were impressive at the time, but Nathalie’s production is now even better.

Production Spec Roland Gumpert Nathalie 1

Nathalie’s greatest merit is her unconventional 2-way power system. It is powered by four motors, one on each wheel, which are powered by a battery on the floor of the car. However, charging takes place from a hybrid system via methanol fuel cells under the car’s carbon hood.

Due to the chemical reaction in the fuel cells, the batteries are loaded with CO2 and a negligible percentage of nitrogen oxides as by-products. The charging process also takes place while idling, especially when accelerating and braking.

Production Spec Roland Gumpert Nathalie 2

This process fully charges the Nathalie itself and avoids long charging times for electric vehicles, which is reduced to just three minutes of refueling from the methanol tank. For this reason, the Nathalie has an impressive range of 821 km at an average speed of 121 km per hour or up to 1,199 km in Eco mode.

While these numbers, you might think the Nathalie is just an ordinary EV, but no. With 536 hp (400 kilowatts) and 730 pound-feet (989 Nm) of torque, the RG Nathalie can come to a standstill in just 2.5 seconds at 97 km / h. Maximum speed? 306 km / h.

Production Spec Roland Gumpert Nathalie 3

RG Nathalie’s production is limited to just 500 units, with an expected price of $ 300,000 to $ 500,000 (approximately $ 366,000 to $ 610,000).

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