Reaching a speed of 500 km / h the newest Bugatti Chiron seeks !!


Can the Bugatti Chiron reach a speed of 500 km / h (310 mph) and is based on its current W16 engine with a capacity of 8 liters with 4 turbochargers generating power 1479 hp (1500 European PS) and 1600 Nm of torque.

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As you know, our Koenigsegg Agera RS is still the fastest car ever tested in the world with a speed of 447.2 km / h round trip and a top speed of about 458 km / h on a straight line.

Mr Stefan Winkelmann, president of the French company Bugatti owned by the German VW group, said to Automobile, there is a new powerful version coming from Bugatti Chiron that may be able to reach speeds of 500 km / h, but the needs of the subject have not been saved some time already there is considerable adoption On providing tires able to withstand this tremendous speed.

The official source added that the arrival of the supercar to this speed requires additional numbers of power for the engine, and Mr. Winkelman clearly pointed out that the possibility of providing additional power through electric motors is out of the question, although all car makers are moving towards cars But the technology is not ready for Bugatti, it requires professional work so as not to increase the weight of the supercar, as you know that the biggest problem in cars running on a hybrid system that combines a gasoline engine with electric motors is overweight due to electric motor batteries and weight Same engine as well.

There is also a strong contender Bugatti Chiron will face the most powerful version that will try to reach the speed of 500 km / h, the Swedish supercar Koenigsegg Jesko.

The interview included a question about the introduction of the Bugatti crossover high above the land surrounded by rumors, to be a shocking answer from the Bugatti president and to announce that the design has been completed, but the fate of its production has not been resolved, but if you get the green light will be electric.

Bugatti chiron

Finally, the curiosity of the press included the question of whether the Bugatti Chiron will be introduced, “We must wait to see”, which makes us likely to introduce versions such as; Chiron Vitesse, and Chiron Grand Sport.

In the end it seems that Bugatti is seeking to provide a powerful new version of Bugatti will try by reaching a speed of 500 km / h on the ground.

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