Rimac shows the prototype C_Two from the Nardo test session


The Rimac C_Two may have been introduced a few years ago, but the Croatian manufacturer hasn’t yet completed the hypercar of a final driving machine.

Rimac Shows C Two 1

Rimac has published some official photos of a C_Two prototype at the Nardò Technical Center, a test facility for Porsche. The photos are posted on Rimac’s Facebook page entitled “Our test pilots and in-house engineers have worked to evaluate and refine the driving dynamics, steering feel, suspension settings and tires. Of the C_Two”.

We can expect Rimac to further improve its hyper car. The timing is perfect as the C_Two is expected to be reissued in its production specification form next year. Deliveries to customers will begin in late 2021. Rimac will continue testing the C_Two prototype not only on the Nardo test track, but worldwide.

Rimac Shows C Two 2

But what are we waiting for from Rimac C_Two? It has four electric motors with a total output of 1,888 hp (1,408 kilowatts) and 2,299 Newton meters (1,696 pound-feet). With these numbers, the C_Two can travel from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 1.85 seconds.

C_Two also contains important numbers for electric cars: independence. Thanks to its large battery that reaches 120 kWh, it can reach 550 km according to WLTP standard or 650 km according to the NEDC.

Rimac Shows C Two 3

However, don’t get used to the fancy name C_Two. Rimac said the hypercar will change its name to its production version next year. What exactly is the new name? I think we can all expect that.

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