See how 4 Bugatti Divo owners adapted their $5.8m hypercars


Bugatti returned to its roots in body construction in 2018 with the unveiling of Chiron’s bone-based divo hypercar.

The Divo has a unique body and interior, and has been optimized more to share a racetrack than to try to break speed records. As Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann said in the car unveiling: “The Divo is made for cornering.”

4 Bugatti Divo owners have adapted their 5.8m 1

Bugatti started delivering the first customer samples in April, and on Wednesday the automaker gave an insight into how some owners – more specifically four – have customized their cars. Given the level of customization available, it’s safe to say that no two Divo examples are the same.

For example, car owners can choose colors for the body, roof, bonnet, midline, wheel touches, air intakes and aerodynamic elements.

Plenty of trim materials are available inside, and custom details can also be added. Bugatti buyers have previously etched children’s footprints or the name of a companion on cab linings. If you spend millions on a car, $ 5.8 million in a divo case, why not?

4 Bugatti Divo owners have adapted their 5.8m 2

According to Bugatti, European customers tend to be reluctant in their tastes, while customers in the US and Middle East with wilder colors tend to be the opposite. Asian customers tend to be somewhere in between, the company said.

The heart of the Divo is the 8.0-liter quad-turbocharger W-16 of the Chiron, which pumps out 1,480 hp. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph occurs in about 2.5 seconds, which is the same thing as Chiron, but the distance covered is very different. Thanks to a combination of less weight (-77 pounds), higher downforce (+198 pounds) and greater lateral acceleration (1.6 g), the Divo managed to overcome the Nardo route in Italy a total of 8.0 seconds faster than the Chiron . This is a big difference given the short distance of 1.74 miles from the race track.

4 Bugatti Divo owners have adapted their 5.8m 3

Bugatti will only build 40 divos in total. Other recently launched bus cars from the company include the Centodieci worth $ 8.9 million and the La Voiture Noire worth $ 12.4 million.

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