Test The new Ferrari 488 Spied Hybrid

The Ferrari offer is bigger than ever and will grow even more this year with the launch of two new cars. The horse has made it clear that he will fully accept electricity, and we know for certain that they have been testing prototypes using a hybrid generation kit for some time.

Ferrari prototype may have tested the hybrid 2

Four shorts from simonemasetti_photography were shown on Instagram at the Ferrari Fiorano race track, showing off a prototype that appears to have almost the same camouflage as the aforementioned car. The videos were taken from a distance, and while we can’t look at the car up close, it appears to be a test mule disguised to look like a 488.

While it’s hard to tell if the car was really a hybrid, we can’t help but notice that the sound seems to come from a V6. Almost two years ago a new family of V6 engines was announced. Then we know that it will definitely come. It would make sense to electrify the smallest transmission in the line for a combined performance worthy of the Ferrari emblem.

If you follow a V6 track in the same direction as the Acura NSX and Ford GT, it might upset fans that say “there is no substitute for displacement”, but Ferrari is not immune to increasingly stringent emissions regulations. Engines need to be further developed to meet standards. Therefore, the six-cylinder electrified is a smart move.

Ferrari prototype may have tested the hybrid 3

That doesn’t mean that the larger engines are one of them, as the company has made it clear that it will do its best to keep the V12 alive. Therefore, there should be no concerns in this area. The roadmap from Ferrari to 2022 provides a good mix of V8 and V12 products, as well as the addition of a Purosangue SUV as a source of revenue for the brand.

It remains to be seen if the entry-level V6 electric sports car will be one of two models developed for 2020. Despite its value, it is likely to be one of the planned versions of the SF90 Stradale Spider because prototypes were tested.

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