The all-new Corvette 2020 cars cause a formal decision to fire two General Motors !!


General Motors Corporation announced the punishment imposed on two of its employees after they performed speed races with Corvette 2020 cars on public roads in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA.

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The beginning of this story began on January 8 of this motors, when the American police arrested two General Motors employees after they exceeded the speed limit imposed on public roads designated for all aboard two versions of the eighth generation and the new brand of the all-new Chevrolet Corvette sports car.

And now our team has had information confirming that the American manufacturer has expelled both engineers who carelessly take people’s lives in order to test the all-new Chevrolet Corvette C8 accelerations on public streets without the company’s knowledge.

This news was confirmed by LinkedIn, specifically through the account of engineer Derkatz, who was one of the people who conducted this illegal race, to find out that he is looking for a job !!! Let’s make sure that he is a victim of recklessness as he was imprisoned by the US police, and he paid a fine of 1,000 $, and was expelled from one of the largest car manufacturers in the world for illegal races aboard Corvette 2020 cars.

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As we mentioned in the past, this illegal race was carried on two versions of the Corvette C8 2020 model led by engineers; 27-year-old Alexander Thim who drove at a speed of 193 km / h, and 30-year-old Mark Derkatz who drove at 160 Km / h, knowing that the maximum speed on this road is 72 km / h.

As a reminder, Barrett Jackson’s charity auction saw a few days ago the sale of the first Corvette 2020 cars that carry the number 1 chassis for a fortune of 3 million $, knowing that the price of the Corvette C8 will start in its standard version according to the American market from 59,995 $.

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