The AMG GT Black Series 2021 will be based on the most powerful Mercedes V8 engine !!


Today we will show you digital imagery of this high performance sports car that will represent the highest class of the Mercedes AMG GT.

2020 mercedes amg gt black series 1

These virtual images of the black version of the Mercedes AMG GT were presented by the carlifestyle team to be posted on Instagram, and the identity of this digital image is derived from the Mercedes AMG GTR PRO, and there are touches derived from the two racing cars; AMG GT3, and AMG GT4.

According to these fictional images we see a giant front fierce attack and fierce centered by a giant Mercedes star connected through 3 columns with a front wing extended under the broad bumper that has giant ventilation holes, from the sides was imagined the next AMG GT Black Series with large rims and we note the edges of wide doors Carbon fiber, rear and rear there is a giant rear spoiler, 4 exhaust vents and a very fierce air diffuser.

Now, let’s go back and focus on the information we have on the upcoming all-new Mercedes AMG GT Black Series.Our colleague Suhaib has been confirmed by Mercedes-Benz engineers confirming that this upcoming Black Series 2021 will be based on the most powerful V8 engine in the Mercedes fleet.

2020 mercedes amg gt black series

This mechanically powerful sports car is supposed to rely on a 4-liter V-shaped engine with a twin-turbo twin turbo.It is certain that the power of this pulsating heart will exceed 577 hp (585 hp PS) available in its sister GTR PRO, our details indicate But the power of this engine will not be less than 700 hp !!! With this information, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ should be concerned about this upcoming German threat.

The upcoming AMG GT Black Series 2021 will undoubtedly be lightweight, will have revised suspension systems and will be significantly improved aerodynamics.

This 2020 Black Mercedes Series 2021 is supposed to appear in 2020 as a model 2021.

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