The car exhaust is a traffic violation that will be monitored by cameras in Britain !!

The British government is planning to start monitoring traffic violations caused by high-exhaust car exhaust through new cameras capable of measuring the levels of exhaust sounds with the car dashboard.

Based on the information available to our team from the British Transport Agency, the cameras that will be able to monitor the sound of high car exhaust in violation of the traffic laws will be tested in a number of locations within the next seven months to test their capabilities and determine the noise that will make the cars different. The car number plate is infringing through these advanced cameras.

This new plan by the British government will contribute to the monitoring of illegally modified cars.

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This legal action is aimed at adjusting modified cars and motorcycles that are firing very high on public roads to the point of inconvenience, and may target some of the rich Gulf cars that spend the summer with their owners in the city of fog.

The British government noted that the high car exhaust sounds have a serious impact on human health, according to studies have revealed that high noise for long periods of time contribute to increased exposure to heart attacks and to increase the spread of diabetes and blood pressure.

At present, traffic laws are being applied to reduce the noise caused by firecrackers and motor vehicles by means of self-judgments that are imposed by the British traffic police. However, the new technology will make it easier and more legal to monitor these violations. Monitored, to help the government to make the roads quieter.

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