The first production version of the $ 1.1m Nissan GT R50 from Italdesign was revealed


Nissan and Italdesign have jointly launched a wild version of the GT-R to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the nameplate. The car was the Italdesign GT-R50, a special 710hp package built by a trainer, the design of which was pure sculpture.

nissan gt r50 by italdesign 1

Despite its $ 1.1 million price tag, Nissan managed to attract enough buyers to continue production, and the first customer example was released on Wednesday before deliveries start later this year or early next year. It was revealed at the Tazio Nuvolari circuit in Italy, which Italdesign uses for all track tests.

Impressive is that the production version is almost identical to the original model (see below), although there are subtle differences, perhaps for organizational reasons. The lights on the car are simpler and the thin side mirrors for the initial cars have been replaced by traditional units.

You may think $ 1.1 million is a lot for Nissan, but this isn’t just any GT-R with a turbo upgrade and body kit. Starting with the GT-R Nismo, Italdesign lowered the roof by 2.1 inches and redesigned the rear window line so that it would flow more towards the rear of the car. The headlights were extended and additional ventilation slots were installed.

nissan gt r50 by italdesign 2

The revised body is handcrafted by Italdesign artisans, which means that building the 50 copies will be a tedious process. That is one of the reasons why the car is so expensive. Another reason is the high level of customization offered to buyers.

For the original show car, the designers added golden accents in the cabin, as well as Alcantara and leather upholstery and two types of carbon fiber on the center console, instrument panel and door panels. They also replaced the standard instrument panel with a digital unit that was removed from a racing car, while the production version uses the standard GT-R equipment. Of course, buyers can choose their own materials and colors.

nissan gt r50 by italdesign 3

“Our customers have enjoyed the personal experience of Italdesign, which has a long tradition of high quality, extremely rare and very personal cars,” said Michael Carchamo, Nissan director of the NISMO division in April.

If you love all this and have a lifestyle where throwing seven numbers in the car is not a problem, you are lucky because a few building slots are still present.

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