The Honda Civic Type R 2020 gets a price increase, but it’s worth it


You’ll get better brakes and improved suspension for the additional $ 695 you pay.

In January, Honda launched the Civic Type R 2020 before it was transferred to the Chicago Motor Show for the first time in North America a few weeks ago. We now know how much it will cost before its launch later this year. Mathematics starts at $ 36,995 (MSRP), an increase of $ 695 over the previous year. Think of the mandatory target price of $ 955, and you’ll see $ 37,950 before adding options.

honda 2020 2

The slight price increase compared to the 2019MY is justified because Honda has improved handling by optimizing the chassis. For example, the adaptive damping control system of the hot hatch now evaluates the road ten times faster, which not only improves responsiveness, but also gives the Civic Type R a smoother ride. The changes in the front and rear hub further improve the handling already sharpened.

Honda engineers also played with the brakes for some time to improve light resistance and reduce weight not suspended on the front axle by about 2.2 kilograms. There are now two-piece rotors (instead of one piece) in the front, while the brake pedal works faster before the brakes are applied due to a play of approximately 17 percent less.

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Also new for 2020MY is a Boost Blue color scheme that matches the subtle design changes we have already talked about. This includes a redesigned grill with a 13 percent larger opening to improve engine cooling. Inside, the steering wheel is wrapped in Alcantara, and you will also notice the redesigned gear lever with a shift knob, which is an alternative to the 1997 Civic Type R. You will not like this feature, but it is our job to say that Honda is adding an Active Sound Control system that pumps artificial engine noise through the speakers. What you will like is the expanded selection of safety kits that are part of the Honda Sensing Suite and are now available as standard throughout the Civic range.

The list of new products is completed with Honda LogR, a performance data logger that will be useful on track days. It was developed exclusively for the Civic Type R 2020 and future versions of the hot hatch and is an application for smartphones for Android and iPhone users that tracks car performance (see what I did there?) And recommendations for the driver sends in search of precious tenths of a second per lap.

The Civic Type R 2020 is expected to be available in the US. In the spring.

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