The intense Apollo emozione is limited to 10 units in the world


One of the wildest super sports cars currently produced is the Apollo Intense Emozione. It combines carbon fiber construction, a high-speed V-12, and an aggressive look that embarrasses the Batmobile.

apollo intensa emozione 1

Unfortunately, only 10 copies are built, of which only three reach North America. Two of the cars destined for North America were built, although the golden example shown here is not one of them.

Although the cars are sold out, Apollo plans to take IE on a land tour so fans can experience the car up close. One of them recently took place in Greenwich, Connecticut, where these photos were taken.

apollo intensa emozione 2

The goal of IE development was simple: to build a light, aerodynamically efficient car that offers a lot of feedback from drivers and is not hampered by an emotionally industrious technology system. The result is impressive, especially in a world of electrification and autonomous driving systems.

The car is based on a carbon fiber cockpit that meets and partially exceeds the requirements of the FIA ​​LMP2 class safety standards, including a carbon single-cell structure. Then there’s the V-12, in this case a 6.3-liter grinder that produces 780 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque. The engine is coupled to a 6-speed gear lever and sees the IE rocket in 2.7 seconds at 100 km / h and the top speed at 328 km / h.

apollo intensa emozione 3 1

Apollo has not yet announced plans for its successor, but the company is full. This is because Apollo is the same revived De Tomaso company that unveiled the impressive P72 supercar last summer.

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