The Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring 2020 has an economical version of gasoline !!


Today, we will introduce you, dear friends, to the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring 2020, which has a hybrid version that is economical in gasoline consumption.

2020 Lincoln Aviator 2

Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring 2020 With its new economical hybrid version, this luxury American car can travel 100 km with 10.23 liters of gasoline, which is a very excellent number when compared to the standard version of the Lincoln Aviator 2020 that depends on the V6 Twin Turbo engine and works with a front-wheel drive For wheels that require 11.76 liters of fuel to pass a distance of 100 km, these numbers are according to the EPA.

And if the new car is driven using the electric motor that is charged by the socket, the efficiency of gasoline consumption will be enormous, this engine enables the car to move up to 33.5 km alone per charge before entering the petrol engine, so that the average fuel consumption in the Grand Touring version of the new Aviator It is 4.2 liters of gasoline for a distance of 100 km !!!

2020 Lincoln Aviator 3

Mechanical specifications for Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring 2020 Hybrid:

This American car depends on the Ecoboost V6 gasoline engine, along with an electric motor that is charged to the socket such as the mobile when the car stops, to produce from both engines work 494 horsepower and 854 Nm. Of torque, which enables the SUV that weighs close to 3 tons and capacity to carry 7 passengers on board to accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h (60 mph) in 5.5 seconds.

Official details added to us that the price of the Lincoln Aviator 2020 Grand Touring Hybrid version starts from 68,800 USD, and the price of the full additions version in the American market reaches 91,000 USD.

2020 Lincoln Aviator 1

This was official information related to the newest 2020 Lincoln hybrid cars.

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